Frequently Asked Questions - 15 Day Restart Journey

How long are the 15 Day Restart Journey workouts?

All the workouts are between 15-30 minutes. Most workouts are 20-30 minutes except active mobility days which are 15-20 minutes long.

Do I need to have dumbbells or resistance bands?

No! All the workouts are body weight. Occasionally, you’ll see me grab a household item like a water bottle or a pot for extra weight but that’s it. If you’d like to make it more challenging and add weights or bands feel free to go ahead and add in that extra challenge!

I’m not flexible, will I be able to do the active mobility days?

Absolutely! We won’t be doing any crazy yoga poses where you stand on one hand and your body looks like a pretzel! We’ll take it nice and easy and focus on sensation, not shape. I’ve got you!

I have sensitive knees, will I be able to complete all the workouts?

Always see a doctor or physician before beginning any exercise program! BUT I can tell you there’s no jumping involved, everything is low impact and I show modifications for most exercises.

Is there a meal plan included?

There’s not an explicit meal plan because everyone’s nutritional needs vary greatly from person to person. So there isn’t a meal plan but there’s 15 high protein vegan recipes! You can pick and choose meals that you like and make sure you only pick meals that don’t contain ingredients you may be allergic to.

What do I do after I complete the 15 days?

I’ll have more programs coming out regularly that you might even get a discount on if you already own a program of mine *wink wink*. In the meantime you can always email me at if you’re interested in personal training and we can work together one-on-one or a group of up to 3 people. There’s also always new free workouts up on my YouTube channel every week!

How can I get support with other issues?

Reach out to me at and I'll be happy to help resolve any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Personal Training

How does virtual personal training work?

First, we’ll meet via Zoom or Google Hangouts for a 30 minute fitness assessment to understand where you are in your fitness journey. I’ll write out all of your workouts ahead of time and I’ll go through them with you in accordance with our meeting schedule, just like you would in a gym only virtual. I really enjoy forming great relationships with my clients so our workouts will be fun :)

How do I get started with virtual personal training?

Reach out to me at and we will schedule your fitness assessment.

What do I need for the fitness assessment?

Wear workout attire for the fitness assessment. We won’t do anything strenuous but I’ll need to see some basic movements. For half of it I’ll ask you questions so I can understand your goals and current fitness level. For the other half I’ll check your mobility and form on basic movements like squats and planks. Don’t worry, we can always modify movements accordingly, I won’t have you do anything you’re not ready for.

Do I need equipment?

Absolutely not! Equipment is great if you have it and can be helpful but it's not a requirement and we can still get great effective workouts in using just body weight.

Is a meal plan included with virtual personal training?

No, I don’t write meal plans but I’m happy to give you nutritional guidance.